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Model: 1215
  • Pre-treated, multi-purpose cloths.
  • Remove rust and lead deposits without hard scrubbing.
  • Nonabrasive and will not harm wood finishes.
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Model: 1218
  • Flannel cloth pre-treated with silicone lubricant
  • Removes fingerprints and potentially corrosive epidermal oils
  • Polishes and coats with a protective finish
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Model: T04
  • Pinpoint nylon picks
  • Nylon scrub brush with both tall and short bristles for hard to reach places
  • Sponge swabs for application of cleaner or oil
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$7.45 - $14.95
  • Allows better access to hard to reach areas of a firearm while cleaning
  • Cotton tip wipes away fouling and debris
  • Comes in resealable bag
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Model: T02
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Optimal heads for hard to reach areas
  • Bright orange so you can see where you scrape
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Model: T03
  • All picks are double sided with different angles of cleaning ability
  • Angled flat edge pick
  • Fine point needle tip pick
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Price reduced from $8.95 to $5.95
  • For .22-.270-caliber firearms
  • Use in the final stage of cleaning to condition gun bore
  • 120 pre-treated patches
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  • Each brush has two bristled ends
  • Larger bristle end can be used to clean large areas
  • Smaller bristled end will clean tight or hard-to-reach areas
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Model: UBG
  • Three interchangeable chamber tips to fit .17 to .416 caliber
  • Aluminum action collar fits .695"/.700" (17.65mm/17.78mm) diameter bolt actions of any action length
  • Threaded brass pin locks the guide into the action in place of the bolt to allow proper cleaning from the breech
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$8.95 - $9.95
  • Removes up to 99.9 percent of metal contaminants with water rinse (soap and water only remove 72 percent)
  • Saturated with gentle pH cleaner
  • Soft towels lift and trap lead and metal dust
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Model: MAT2
  • Protects your cleaning area surface
  • Acrylic material is chemical absorbent
  • Vinyl bottom for surface protection
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$3.95 - $8.95
  • Ready to use when bag is opened
  • No additional oil needed
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