Field Clean:

Apply a small amount of Hoppe’s bore cleaner to the head of the BoreSnake®, just ahead of the bronze bristles. Apply a few drops of Hoppe’s lubricating oil to the BoreSnake’s tail. Drop the BoreSnake’s brass weight through the opened action and down the bore pulling it through until it comes out of the muzzle.

Watch how Jessie Harrison Hoppe's Ambassador does a field clean with her BoreSnake®.

Full Clean:

Following firearm manufacturer’s directions, disassemble firearm. Apply a Hoppe’s bore cleaner to a bore brush and run it through the barrel until it comes out of the opposite end. Repeat this process three or four times, reapplying cleaner as needed. Also clean the inside of the magazine well and dry off with a cloth. Avoid getting cleaner on the grips. Wipe down all parts with a clean, dry cloth. Lubricate all mechanisms and metal surfaces with a Hoppe’s lubricant or grease. Consult firearm manufacturer’s guidelines before use of cleaning solutions before use on certain finishes.