Hoppe's Need to Clean

Cleaning Essentials Checklist

Choose Your Solution

Pick the Hoppe's guncare line that best suites your needs. A cleaner, copper cleaner and lubricant are essential to a well maintained firearm.

Hoppe's Traditional line of products

Traditional Hoppe's No.9

The standard in gun care for over 100 years.

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Hoppe's Elite line of products

Hoppe's Elite

High-performance, low-odor formulas designed with the avid hunter and shooting enthusiast in mind.

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Hoppe's Black line of products

Hoppe's Black

Formulated specifically to withstand the extreme temperatures of high volume firearms, but suitable for use on any firearm for a full clean.

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✓ Gun Bore Cleaner

Removes the traces of spent powder and metal from bullets that are deposited inside the barrel with every shot fired. Over time this residue will affect your firearm’s accuracy if not removed.

✓ Copper Cleaner

Over time, copper-jacketed bullets leave traces of copper embedded in the lands and grooves of the bore’s rifling. These powerful cleaners dissolve or etch the copper from the bore steel.

✓ Lubricating Oil

Provides lubrication to avoid malfunction and effective corrosion protection for a long-lasting firearm.

The Right Tools for the Job

From deep to quick clean and maintenance, Hoppe's has all of the tools to properly maintain your firearm.

Deep Clean

Hoppe's Cleaning Rod on transparent background

✓ Cleaning Rod

The ball-bearing swivel handle effortlessly follows the bore’s rifling. Choose from one-piece, three-piece or four-piece rods.

Hoppe's Patches on transparent background

✓ Patches

Our ultra-absorbent cleaning patches are uniformly woven and pre-cut to ensure even contact on all sides of the bore.

Hoppe's Cleaning Jags & Slotted Ends on transparent background

✓ Cleaning Jags & Slotted Ends

Apply a cleaning patch to clean and lubricate bore surfaces.

Hoppe's Bore Brushes on transparent background

✓ Bore Brushes

Superior scrubbing power available in the caliber of your choice.

Hoppe's Cleaning Mat on transparent background

✓ Cleaning Mat

An ideal work surface that’s completely impervious to cleaners and oils.

Hoppe's Treated Cloth on transparent background

✓ Treated Cloth

For polishing and protecting exterior metal.

Quick Clean / Field Clean

Hoppe's BoreSnake on transparent background

✓ BoreSnake

Nothing beats the fastest bore-cleaning system on the planet. BoreSnake cleans and lubricates in one pass.

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