Hoppe's Black Gun Cleaning System


Gun cleaner

Start off your cleaning with Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner to remove carbon fouling. Hoppe’s Black Gun Cleaner is formulated to remove high levels of carbon to ensure accuracy and extend the life of your firearm.

Hoppe's Black Gun Cleaner


Copper Cleaner

Next, use Hoppe’s Black Copper Cleaner to remove residue and avoid copper deposit buildups. Since Hoppe’s Black Copper Cleaner is formulated for high round-count firearms, it will remove the toughest copper from your barrel.

Hoppe's Black Copper Cleaner


Precision oil

Follow up Hoppe’s Black cleaners with a thin coat of Hoppe’s Black Precision Oil to friction areas and mechanical parts on your firearm. This high performance lubricant will assist in minimizing malfunctions and help protect against corrosion and rust on and off the range with a temperature range of -65°F to 540°F.

Hoppe's Black Precision Oil


Gun Grease

Use Hoppe’s Black Gun Grease in high friction areas to alleviate stress where metal parts contact other moving parts. Since our Gun Grease shares the same temperature rating as the Precision Oil, it will not gum up your firearm when performance is your top priority.

Hoppe's Black Gun Grease


Lubricating Cloth

Finish off your cleaning with the Hoppe’s Black Lubricating Cloth. This cloth will add finishing touches to your firearms. CAUTION: May damage improperly applied finishes. Test small area prior to full application.

Hoppe's Black Lubricating Cloth
Step by Step Cleaning System

Download your own copy of the Hoppe’s Black Cleaning System PDF.

Compatible with the Savage MSR