How to Clean: Winchester Model 70

Responsible gun ownership of rifles such as the Winchester Model 70 requires you to know how to clean and properly maintain it. This ensures that your rifle remains in proper working order and retains its overall value. 

The Basics of Proper Winchester Model 70 Maintenance

To correctly maintain your rifle, you must take the time to learn the basics of adequate Winchester Model 70 maintenance. Before you can learn how to clean a Winchester model 70, take a few minutes to review these basics:  

Is There a Recommendation on How Often to Clean Your Firearms?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions amongst new and advanced enthusiasts alike. While there are no hard and fast answers, there are some common recommendations regarding how often you should clean your firearm

For instance, if you frequently use your firearm, it's suggested you clean it at least once a week or once every other week. If you don't use it that often, it's suggested to at least clean it once a month or help it remain in proper working order when you need it. 

We recommend that you consult your manufacturer's distributed user manual for how often you should clean a Winchester Model 70 as recommendations do vary by factors such as:

  • How often it's used
  • What application it's used for
  • The weather conditions in which it's used and stored in, etc. 

Your Winchester Model 70 Pre-Clean Check

Cleaning your firearms goes far beyond simply wiping it down after a day in the field or at the range. That's why it's important to have a pre-clean checklist that you can follow to ensure you're ready to clean your firearm safely. 

The first part of your Winchester Model 70 pre-clean check requires you to clear your firearm of any rounds of ammunition you may have left in after your last use. You need to check to make sure there is no remaining ammunition in either the magazine or the chamber. If there is, then simply remove all rounds and place them in a safe location away from your cleaning station, such as your rifle storage locker or safe. 

How to Disassemble a Winchester Model 70

Once you've cleared your gun, you can safely move on to the next step, disassembling the rifle. 

Disassembly instructions for Winchester Model 70 Maintenance:

  • With the bore bolt closed, you want to move the safety lever to the middle or "second position." 
  • Lift the handle up and partially remove the bolt. You'll then press the bolt release located on the unit’s left side, allowing you to fully remove the bolt from the receiver.
  • Once removed, you can then remove the firing pin assembly by depressing the small plunger on the side that holds the bolt shroud into place. 
  • You can then unscrew the firing pin assembly from within the bolt.

While there are a few other components to the Winchester Model 70, we highly suggest that you reach out to a licensed gunsmith for a more detailed inspection should you believe your rifle needs additional maintenance

What You'll Need to Clean a Winchester Model 70 

Before you can get started with your Winchester Model 70 cleaning and maintenance, you'll want to make sure you have each of the following tools:

  • Bore Cleaning Rod
  • Brush head 
  • Jag
  • Cleaning Patches
  • Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Cleaning Oil
  • Gun Lubricating Oil

Whether you are new to the hobby of gun collection, hunting, or competitive shooting, it’s essential to remember that having all the necessary cleaning and maintenance tools on hand is an absolute must. That's why we have several Hoppe's products that come in bulk sizes, or you can opt to choose a cleaning kit to ensure you have everything you need, such as the Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Kit or the Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit.

How to Clean a Winchester Model 70 in 5 Steps

Now that you’re familiar with the basics of Winchester Model 70 maintenance, learned how to disassemble your rifle correctly, and collected the necessary cleaning tools, it's time to go ahead and learn how to clean a Winchester Model 70. 

The good news? Cleaning this particular firearm is a quick and easy process in most cases. Again, should you think your Winchester Model 70 requires a more detailed inspection, we highly advise you to take it to a licensed gunsmith to ensure that you do not damage the firearm. 

That said, here are the five simple steps to cleaning a Winchester Model 70:

1. Clean the Bore with a Brass Brush

Once you've fully disassembled your Winchester Model 70, you'll begin the cleaning process by attaching a brass rifle brush head to your cleaning rod

Saturate the brush head with Hoppe's No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaner and run the brush through the bore from breech to muzzle. This helps to break down any buildup within the bore.

2. Run a Cleaning Patch with Bore Cleaner Through the Bore

Once you're satisfied with step one, you'll go ahead and remove the brush head and attach a jag to your cleaning rod. Saturate a cleaning patch with Hoppe's No. 9 Bore Cleaner and attach it to the jag. Then, you'll go ahead and push the patch through and remove the soiled patch.

Do not run the rod back through until after you've removed the soiled patch!

Attach a clean, dry patch to the rod and run it through again, remembering to remove the soiled patch before you retrieve the rod. Repeat this step until the patches come out clean. 

3. Run a Cleaning Patch with Lubricating Oil Through the Bore

Once the bore is clean, you'll go ahead and saturate a cleaning patch with lubricating oil, attach it to the jag and push it through the bore.

4. Wipe Down Your Winchester Model 70 with Lubricating Oil

After you've lubricated the inside of the bore, take another cleaning patch saturated with lubricating oil and wipe down the outside of your Winchester Model 70. 

5. Perform a Function Test and Safely Store Your Winchester Model 70

Now that your Winchester Model 70 is all cleaned up, you can reassemble it following the disassembly instructions in reverse. After it's all put back together, it's crucial you run a function test to ensure that the safety, trigger, and bore bolt are all functioning correctly.

Once you're satisfied with the function test, it's time to safely store your rifle according to the manufacturer's instructions. 

Keep Your Winchester Model 70 Properly Maintained with Hoppe's Gun Care Products

Learning how to clean a Winchester Model 70 isn't as intimidating as you may think. With this simple five-step guide and the right Hoppe's gun care products at your side, you can properly care for and maintain your Winchester Model 70 for years to come. 

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