Jerry Miculek

Name: Jerry Miculek
Hometown: Princeton, LA
Shooting Since: Started shooting competition in 1976.
Who introduced you to the sport? A local shooter named Ben Ashmore. I met him shooting steel plates at the local range (dump).
Favorite Shooting Memory: Setting four World Revolver Speed Shooting records in July, 1999.
How did you get into competing? I shot for fun all my life. In the mid '70's I started going to local practical handgun matches and caught the competition bug.
What do you shoot? (3 gun/precision, etc.) Primarily multi-gun competitions.
How do you prepare for a competition? I work on specific skills relating to the particular match I will be attending, always focusing on my weaknesses.
What’s your longest shot? I have made several 1,000 yard shots with revolvers.
What is your best piece of advice for new shooters? Buy a quality firearm and lots of ammunition. Practice makes perfect!
Best cleaning tip? When you detail a long gun apply the foaming bore cleaner in the barrel first, then allow it to sit while you clean the rest of the gun. By the time you get back to the barrel, the fouling is easily removed.

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Top Accomplishments:

  • Six speed shooting World Records
  • Twenty-One consecutive International Revolver Confederation Championships
  • IPSC Lifetime Achievement Award