Lena Miculek

Lena Miculek

Name: Lena Miculek
Hometown - Princeton, LA
When did you start shooting? - I shot my first competition when I was 8.
Who introduced you to the sport? - I mean, I was literally born and raised on a shooting range by 2 full-time competitive shooters. There was never a time I didn't know about it!
What is your best shooting memory? - In 2012 at my first World Shoot, standing in front of the best shooters in the world, gold medal around my neck listening to the National Anthem play knowing all your hard work has payed off.
How did you get into competing? - I started competing at the Sportsman Team Challenge, and I got an award for being the youngest shooter that had ever competed there.
What do you shoot? (3 gun/precision, etc.) - 3Gun, USPSA, Steel Challenge, outlaw PCC matches, IPSC shotgun, IPSC rifle
How do you prepare for a competition? - Because I shoot in so many different types of matches, I usually only have a few weeks to prep at most. With that, I always practice what I hate the most, because if you hate it, it's probably what you are the worst at!
What’s your longest shot? - I don't know... Lol far?!
What is your best piece of advice for new shooters? Taking classes and getting good training is the best investment you could ever make. It will save you time, ammo and a whole lot of frustration!
Best cleaning tip? Don't be afraid of oil! Oil everything and oil it often. It's easier on the gun and will help prevent a lot of malfunctions.

Favorite Hoppe’s product: The Lead-b-Gone Wipes! I have a can of those in my truck, gun bag and everywhere else!

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Top Shooting Accomplishments

  • 2x IPSC Shotgun World Ladies Standard Champion
  • IPSC Rifle World Shoot Ladies Open Champion
  • USPSA Ladies PCC National Champion
  • 3x NRA World Greatest Shooter Ladies Champion

2018 Event Schedule

  • April 14-15 Lucas Oil Shotgun Championship
  • April 18-22 USPSA Multigun Nationals
  • April 27-29 Instructor at the Babe's with Bullets Camp
  • May 4-6 NRA Convention
  • May 19-20 Babes With Bullets 3-gun Challenge
  • June 3-11 IPSC Shotgun World Shoot
  • June 16-17 Steel Challenge
  • June 23-24 USPSA Area 7
  • July 12-14 Teaching Salastic Steel Shooting Program
  • July 30-31 Teaching for Hiviz shooting systems
  • Aug. 4-5 Governors Cup or Pro Am
  • Aug. 9-12 Rocky Mountain 3 Gun
  • Aug. 17-19Rock Castle Pro Am 17-19th
  • Aug. 23-26 USPSA area 8 (PA) Or Lucas Oil PCC
  • Sept. 6-8 Boy Scouts Main Shooting Experience
  • Sept. 13-16 USPSA Area 4 (AR)
  • Oct. 5-6 Girl and a Gun Fall Fest
  • Oct. 7 Fall Fest Pistol Match
  • Oct. 20-22 USPSA Nationals
  • Nov. 10-11 GATOR Classic